Saving our Rhino

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What amazing work is happening behind the scenes whilst we continue our life in the city! Rhinos are being poached at an alarming rate but professional teams are saving Rhinos that might otherwise have died in the bush, from wounds suffered at the fate of the poachers. This amazing initiative takes time, money and the dedication of a whole team of folk who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Proceeds from the sale of these specially designed decanters go towards these various heartwarming projects that help save our Rhinos :

Decanters designed by Frans Groenewald and Caryl Laurenson

The decanters were designed by two South African creatives, both known for their empathetic support for conservation of these beautiful animals as well as many others.

Rio Largo Olive Oil teamed up with two organisations that have the same vision and created a special label to spread the word as to what is being done.

Whilst we will be taking to RIO LARGO to new homes, the proceeds of which aid this cause which is so close to our hearts.

Remember out of sight does not mean out of mind - SAVING THE SURVIVORS

Donated by RIO LARGO

During one of the worst droughts in the country, the availability of water became a fatal struggle to the Rhino being cared for at the NPO rehabilitation centres.

Through pushing the sales of these unique style decanters RIO LARGO was able to raise enough money to donate a 5'000l JOJO water tank for the organisation to store clean drinking water.

Through all of the good work achieved thus far in this sustainable collaboration, RIO LARGO hopes to continue to pay it forward through their customers, into the meaningful work done by so many to keep these beautiful animals alive in their war against humankind.

In every effort, RIO LARGO has taken to assist these organisation in need with small supplies to permanent developments to show their support for the hard work and dedication it takes to save an endangered species.

Dear Brenda

On behalf of all at Rhino Revolution, we just wanted to say a very big thank you for funding further supplies of milk powder!

This makes a valuable contribution to our work, caring for and rehabilitating orphaned rhino calves, ready for release back into the wild.

Thank you again and wishing you and Rio Largo every success!

Kind regards Harriet

If you would like any further information about our positive impact on the fight against rhino poaching please email us, or should you want to facilitate this cause, please support these fabulous organisations by purchasing our distinct Rhino decanters which donates directly to the aid of these on the ground projects.

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