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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

If you’ve been a die-hard fan since 2011of our liquid gold, RIO LARGO OLIVE OIL - you’ll more likely remember our original series of decanter labels specially designed by Frans Groenewald. This month we are celebrating where we have come from, whilst looking positively towards where we are going!

As Brenda travelled far and wide sharing RIO LARGO OLIVE OIL at shows, markets and various competitions. The unique and captivating Frans Groenewald labels made for a lot of buzz and interest amongst colleagues, buyers and even the judges!

We knew from the beginning that this would be a great partnership and continued growing the collection of distinctive labels.

"What first caught my eye, was the cute caricatures and then I noticed the witty captions and comments - I knew from that moment that I would have to include this somewhere in our business, and I have never looked back!" - Brenda Wilkinson

It was always Nick and Brenda's aim to collaborate with the local talent in every aspect of their farm, Frans' art was the perfect pairing of two wonderful products, and his creations soon became synonymous with RIO LARGO OLIVE OIL. Brenda gave Frans the Freedom to create suitable, tasteful designs that related to the season, the country and the product and his work was immaculate in every way!

“The goal is to put a smile in the heart & mind of the viewer. The engaging artworks are both entertaining & decorative. I call them DECOTAINMENTS.” - Frans Groenewald

Images from "Let me paint your story" by Frans Groenewald

His colourful artwork is characterised by unusual word play, fresh colour usage celebrating unique characters, such as Basil the chef and his free-range chicken, Benedict. Each one of his creations a joy… the titles of which form an integral part of the art.

Frans and his wife, Grace
"I am inspired by relationships and live life with a hopeful expectancy, which is reflected in my artwork both in style and content." - Frans Groenewald

To honour our friend who has been with us from the beginning we will be offering a FREE special edition, 250ml RIO LARGO OLIVE OIL with every purchase of Frans' Collection on our recently launched online store.

We hope that you not only enjoy this special offer on your favourite olive oil but that you’ll enjoy having these quirky and bright designs in your kitchen, whilst thinking of our friend, Frans.

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